What We Do

We realize that nowadays most people are over-scheduled and extra busy. Because of this, we are picky in what we decide to do.  At GGBC we make our decisions based on our guiding principles of Living, Learning, and Sharing. If the activity doesn't impact one of these, it doesn't happen.

  • Westminster Study

    Join us on the 3rd Thursday of each month as we make our way through the Westminster Confession of Faith! We typically prepare to go through one chapter at a time, studying each paragraph alongside Scripture, all while asking and answering questions to help each other better understand these important doctrines of the Christian faith. 

    Email Pastor Jon at pastorjon@godsgracebible.org for more information.

  • Women

    There are a variety of worthy activities for women to get involved in.  Each activity is weighed against the living, learning, and sharing criteria before it is put into the schedule. These include Bible Study (meets the first and third Monday of each month), Coffee and Conversations  (meets the first Saturday of each month), and periodically we will have a fun activity independent of the regularly scheduled ones. Contact Laura Tripp at jonandlauratripp@gmail.com for more information.

  • Men

    The men of the church also have a variety of activities they participate in. Activities and meeting times include: Men's Breakfast (meets on the second Saturday of each month) and Men's Bible Study (meets on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month). Contact Pastor Jon at pastorjon@godsgracebible.org for more information.

  • Fifth Sundays

    Each 5th Sunday is a pot-luck following the worship service. This is a time for all to gather together, enjoy a meal, encourage each other, and laugh with one another.